Unstable Haemoglobin screen

Unstable haemoglobins are globin chain variants with defects affecting amino acid residues involved in the maintenance of steric shape and or subunit interaction. These internal changes can lead to altered oxygen affinity and increased sensitivity to denaturation, but are often silent on electrophoresis as they do not involve modifications to exterior charge. This assay uses isopropanol to facilitate the desnaturation and precipitation.
Clinical details: 
Haemolytic anaemia of variable severity
Reference range: 


Synonyms or keywords: 
Unstable haemoglobin carrier
Sample type and Volume required: 
Whole Blood
4 mL
(pediatric patients : 500ul-1000uL)
Turnaround time: 
3 days Please contact laboratory to discuss urgent requests.
Storage and transport: 
Samples should be kept in fridge temperature and sent to laboratory as soon as possible
Time limit for extra tests: 
7 days after sample collection
For clinical advice or interpretation of results, please contact the laboratory in the first instance.

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Last updated: 29/03/2018