Galactokinase (Galactokinase deficiency)

The enzyme being measured catalyses the reaction Galactose + ATP → Galactose 1-phosphate + ADP. [14C]-galactose is used as a substrate and the [14C]-galactose 1-phosphate formed is bound to DEAE-cellulose paper. Unreacted [14C]-galactose is removed by washing the paper, and the final bound product is determined by liquid scintillation counting.
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Synonyms or keywords: 
Galactose Metabolism, Galactokinase, Galactosaemia
Sample type and Volume required: 
1ml lithium heparin blood
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Turnaround time: 
1 week
Storage and transport: 
Blood samples should reach the laboratory within 24 hours of collection; do not freeze or separate.
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