Fractionated urine porphyrins

Fractionated urine porphyrins is a test offered by the SAAS Porphyria Service in Reference Biochemistry at King’s College Hospital. Quantitative measurement of porphyrins and isomers is carried out using HPLC analysis.
Clinical details: 
Fractionation of porphyrins by HPLC is carried out when the total urine porphyrins (TUP) is above the normal reference range to aid in the differential diagnosis of porphyria and secondary causes of raised TUP associated with liver disorders, excess alcohol consumption and lead toxicity.
Reference range: 

                                                Random Urine                                     24 hour urine

                                                   (nmol/L)                                          (nmol/24 hrs)

Total Uroporphyrin (I + II)              <24                                                     <40

Heptacarboxylate porphyrin             <4                                                       <7

Total Coproporphyrin (I + III)         <115                                                    <280

Sample type and Volume required: 
10 - 20 mL fresh urine, preferably collected early morning. An aliquot of a 24 hour urine collection will be accepted noting urine volume. No preservative is necessary but specimens should be protected from light
Turnaround time: 
2-3 weeks
Storage and transport: 
Specimens can be sent by first class post without ice packs. Specimens are stable for several weeks if frozen while awaiting despatch.
Reference Biochemistry Department at King's College Hospital
020 3299 4107
King's College Hospital
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London SE5 9RS
Porphyrins and Gastrointestinal Laboratory at King's College Hospital
Porphyrins - 020 3299 3856, Gut Permeability - 020 3299 4133
King's College Hospital
Denmark Hill
London SE5 9RS
For clinical advice or interpretation of results, please contact the laboratory in the first instance.

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Last updated: 08/02/2017