Viapath Service Changes

08/04/2021: We have been experiencing delays with our Procollagen-3 N-Terminal Peptide (P3NP) assay. This is due to a sudden and substantial increase in the volume of P3NP requests we are reciving combined with periodic assay failure. We have a planned program of actions to increase our throughput and capacity. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to reassure you that we will be processing all the remaining samples as soon as possible. For further information please see the attached communication letter that was sent out.

26/04/2021: Please see attached letter that details changes to our current platforms for Haematology & Haemostasis at Denamrk Hill. This is due to an analytical upgrade for our equipment at the Deanmark Hill site. 

13/05/2021: This letter serves to inform users of the delay to vitamins A, E and warfarin turnaround times within the Viapath Analytics Nutristasis Department at St. Thomas’ Hospital, due to analyser breakdown.

15/05/2021: This assay will be moved from the Immunochemistry Laboratory using the Human sTfR Quantikine IVD ELISA Kit (Bio-Techne Brands R&D Systems) to the Roche Cobas 8000 in the Blood Sciences Laboratory, both based at King’s College Hospital (Viapath). This has been done in response to the manufacturer of the previous assay discontinuing it, however this change will mean results will be available the next working day. For further information please see attached letter. 

20/05/2021: We are writing to you to update you/clarify the testing procedure for latent TB infection (LTBI) performed in Clinical Immunology Laboratory at KCH/Viapath. In 2019, the Laboratory introduced the Quantiferon TB Plus (QFT-Plus) test for investigation of LTBI. Prior to the introduction of the QFT-Plus assay, all samples for LTBI investigations were sent to Oxford Diagnostics for the T-SPOT assay. For full details please see attached letter.  

20/05/2021: Please find attached letter clarifying the procedure for requesting and reporting of urgent immunosuppressant results (tacrolimus, cyclosporin, sirolimus and everolimus) by this laboratory at weekends and on bank holidays.

02/06/2021: We want to inform you of some changes to the Levetiracetam service at King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill. This assay will be moved from the Blood Sciences Laboratory analysed on the Roche, to a sendaway for the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Unit at the Chalfont Centre for Epilepsy. For further information please see the attached letter. 

Viapath_User letter_Stones Service_Sep21_final.pdfViapath_User letter_Stones Service_Sep21_final.pdf

05/07/2021: We are contacting you as current users of our androstenedione service at Viapath’s Reference Biochemistry laboratory at King’s College Hospital to notify you of a method change. From 26th July 2021, the method will change from immunoassay to analysis using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). For further details please see attache letter. 

22/07/2021: This letter is to provide an update on the Stones Service within the Viapath Analytics Reference Chemistry Department at St. Thomas’ Hospital. The department has been experiencing an increase in demand for the service whilst also managing reduced staffing levels and prioritisation of critical services. This has resulted in delays with the Stones service and an increase in turnaround time

27/09/2021: This letter is to provide a further update on the Stones Service provided by the Viapath Analytics Reference Chemistry Department at St. Thomas’ Hospital. As indicated in our previous letter dated 22nd July, the department has experienced an increased demand for the Stones Service, whilst having to manage reduced staffing levels due to sickness and self-isolations.

27/10/2021 This letter is to provide a further update on the Stones Service provided by the Viapath Analytics Reference Chemistry Department at St. Thomas’ Hospital. We are pleased to confirm that the backlog is now clear and we should now be performing the test within the turnaround time of 7 working days

24/08/2021: We are writing to inform you of changes in the cutoff concentrations for reporting selected drugs of abuse analytes. This is to bring our service in line with the current European Workplace Testing Guidelines (EWDTS, 2015). These changes will take effect from 1st September 2021. For full details please see attached letter and further information leaflet.

31/08/2021: Please see attached letter detailing changes to EDTA tube changes at GSTT for GP request in support of the national tube shortages. 

01/09/2021: Please see attached letter detailing changes to EDTA tube changes at Denmark Hill for GP request in support of the national tube shortages. 

21/09/2021: We are writing to inform you of a change in analysis we intend to implement in the near future.  We currently offer an in-house 2-stage method for red cell G6PD enzyme quantification. This method is labour-intensive, and time consuming  and hence our 10 day maximum TAT quoted for this and in order to improve turnaround times and consolidate our services, we are planning to implement a new G6PD enzyme quantification method, by Point Scientific.  This test is currently offered by our partners at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. Please see the attached letter for further information. 


23/09/2021: We are writing to inform you of some changes to the HbA1c service at King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill. From Monday 11th October 2021 all inpatient, outpatient and GP requests will be moved from the Menarini boronate affinity HPLC method in the Diabetic Clinic Lab to the Roche Gen 3 Tina-Quant (TQ3) HbA1c immunoassay on the c513 in the Blood Sciences Laboratory. Please see attached letter for further information. 

15/10/2021: During the last 18 months Viapath Phlebotomy have supported patients when arriving for a blood test by printing their blood request forms. This was initiated by primary care to ensure patients were able to obtain a blood test following a telephone consultation, reducing the need to attend additional locations. Viapath Phlebotomy can no longer assist patients in printing their TQuest forms due to the increased level of attendances (now at or exceeding pre COVID levels). This is causing increased waiting times as well as a higher risk of transcription errors and delays in the laboratory due to handwritten labels. For further information please see attached letter sent to the CCG's.

20/10/2021: Please find attached important communication regarding a change to the Plasma Metanephrines service at Viapath, King’s College Hospital. Please find attached letter that details the plan for the contingency. 

20/12/2021: An updated letter detailing the consolidation of our Plasma Metanephrines Service

27/10/2021: Please find attached this letter detailing the consolidation of our Mycophenolic Acid (MPA) service. 

11/11/2021 An updated letter detailing the consolidation of our Mycophenolic Acid (MPA) service. 

03/11/2021: Please find attached this letter detailing a change to our Chromogranin A service.

11/11/2021: An updated letter detailing a change to our Chromogranin A service

08/12/2021: Please find attached this letter detailing a change regarding sharing of blood tubes 

28.01.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing samples sent for Renin Testing at Denmark Hill 

09.02.22: Please find attached this letter detailing a shortage of Extraction Kits for Virology Users at Denmark Hill 

22.02.2022: There are potential delays to our tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI), antifungal / azoles, and certain antipsychotic therapeutic drug monitoring services  provided by the Toxicology department at King’s College Hospital. Please see attached letter for further details.

02.03.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing the withdrawal of APCR testing

03.03.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing Repatriation of the NMDA antibody assay.

11.03.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing delayed vitamin A, E and warfarin results.

18.03.2022 - Following an internal clinical audit as part of our continuous quality improvement programme, we have determined that correlation between TPMT phenotype and TPMT/NUDT15 genotype is poor in patients with very low Hb levels (Hb≤70g/L).For this reason patients with Hb levels in this range will be reflexed to TPMT/NUDT15 genotyping. Please see attached letter for full details. 

28.03.21 - We would like to highlight a few considerations when requesting and interpreting zinc results. Zinc levels in the blood are lowered during acute phase response. Therefore, a simultaneous CRP request on a gold top tube should be sent with every zinc request to enable interpretation. Furthermore delayed sample separation can marginally raise zinc levels and this is irrespective of the sample type i.e. will also affect trace element royal blue top tubes. This may be of clinical significance when low levels are elevated into the normal range. We recommend a repeat zinc request in those with low normal zinc results if clinically indicated. - Dr Kishor Raja, Consultant Clinical Scientist - or 0203 299 3008

28.03.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing Change of LC-MS/MS instrument for 24-hour urinary free cortisol service.

07.04.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing the Service suspension of A1AT phenotyping.

16.05.2022: This letter is to provide a further update on the Service suspension of A1AT phenotyping.

12.04.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing Reference Range Change Blood Lead Concentration.

14.04.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing changes to our Clozapine therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) service

28.04.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing important changes to the reporting of antibiotics from May 2022

17.05.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing the removal of product from consumables ordering portal

21.05.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing Plasma Metanephrines reporting changes 

14.07.2022: Please find attached this letter detailing Renal Stone delays at St Thomas'

21.07.2022: Please find attached the letter containing information regarding this change in reference range. 

21.07.2022: Please find attached the letter containing information regarding thedelays to service for IMD

03.08.2022 - Please find attached the letter regarding critical incident affecting the provision of Genetic testing from our Genomics laboratories at Guy’s Hospital

Last updated: 25/08/2021