Warfarin and Superwarfarins

This test is referred to another lab outside our network
This does not affect where samples are sent and where your results are issued.
Clinical details: 
Analysis of plasma warfarin concentrations can provide additional insight in to complex cases where conventional coagulation assays are insufficient for diagnosis. Plasma warfarin levels are useful in assessing compliance to warfarin therapy or identifying resistance and when used in combination with our other vitamin K markers it is possible to unravel complex and unusual scenarios such as acquired or hereditary resistance to warfarin and poisoning by vitamin K antagonists such as warfarin or the more potent rodenticide superwarfarins.
Synonyms or keywords: 
Coumarin, brodifacoum, difenacoum, bromodialone, flocoumafen, coumateralyl, sinthrome, acenocoumarin
Sample type and Volume required: 
Minimum 1mL
Call in advance: 
Turnaround time: 
10 days
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Last updated: 23/11/2021