Urine COAL for diagnosis and monitoring of cystinuria

Cystine, ornithine, arginine and lysine analysis by LC-MS/MS for the diagnosis and monitoring of cystinuria.
Clinical details: 
For the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with cystinuria. Renal stone screen.
Reference range: 

Quantitative report with qualitative comment.

Cystine <11 µmol/mmol creatinine

Ornithine <12 µmol/mmol creatinine

Arginine <13 µmol/mmol creatinine

Lysine <40 µmol/mmol creatinine

Sample type and Volume required: 
Random urine (plain universal). Minimum sample volume 0.5 mL urine
Turnaround time: 
2 weeks
Inherited Metabolic Diseases Unit at St Thomas' Hospital
0207 188 9652
St Thomas' Hospital
North Wing - 4th Floor
For clinical advice or interpretation of results, please contact the laboratory in the first instance.

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Last updated: 20/11/2017