Pregabalin by LC-HR-MS
Clinical details: 
Pregabalin is used clinically for the treatment of neuropathic pain and to help control seizures. Pregabalin has considerable abuse potential.
Reference range: 

(cut-off) 500 µg/L

Sample type and Volume required: 
Random urine sample (10–20 mL) collected into a plain 30 mL universal container. Please ensure containers are tightly sealed, and are sent in a clear plastic bag separate from the accompanying request form. Please also ensure containers are labelled with the full name and date of birth of the client, and the specimen collection date and time.
Turnaround time: 
3-5 working days
Special sample instructions: 

Additional specialist tests by enzymatic assay (e.g. urine ethanol), immunoassay (e.g. barbiturates, benzodiazepines), and by LC-HR-MS (e.g. buprenorphine and metabolites, mephedrone, tramadol and metabolites, ketamine and metabolites, methylphenidate and metabolites, and gabapentin - see other analytes in the ‘Our Tests’ section of the website) are available on request, and can be carried out on the same specimen as supplied originally

Storage and transport: 
Please refrigerate (if possible) if not sending immediately. Send by first class post.
Toxicology Department at King's Hospital
020 3299 5881
King's College Hospital
Bessemer Wing - 3rd Floor
Denmark Hill
London SE5 9RS
For clinical advice or interpretation of results, please contact the laboratory in the first instance.

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Last updated: 09/12/2019