Filipin staining

Free cholesterol accumulation is determined qualitatively in cultured cells which have been pre-incubated in media containing lipoprotein deficient serum and subsequently challenged with media containing pure low density lipoprotein. These cells are fixed and treated with filipin, an antibiotic which forms a fluorescent complex with free cholesterol. Slides are then examined by fluorescence microscopy.
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Synonyms or keywords: 
Filipin only, Niemann-Pick, NPC
Sample type and Volume required: 
Cultured cells
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Turnaround time: 
4 weeks from cultured cells, additional 8 weeks (minimum) from skin biopsy
Storage and transport: 
Collect skin biopsies into sterile saline or sterile culture media containing fetal bovine serum and send by first class post or courier. Do not freeze. Mycoplasma testing is carried out as standard.
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