Faeces (Routine culture and parasitology)

Culture based tests for bacterial causes of acute gastroenteritis / dysentry (eg Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. coli 0157 and Shigella). Please notify the laboratory if unusual pathogens suspected (eg Yersinia or Vibrio cholerae). Microscopy for the detection of parasites.
Clinical details: 
Food poisoning, Diarrhoea and vomiting (D&V)
Synonyms or keywords: 
Stool culture
Sample type and Volume required: 
Stool specimen in a sterile universal (half filled). Ensure the specimen reaches the laboratory within 48 hours.
Turnaround time: 
2-3 working days
Special sample instructions: 

Please provide relevant clinical information including foreign travel to named countries.

Storage and transport: 
: If processing is delayed, refrigeration is preferable to storage at ambient temperature.
For clinical advice or interpretation of results, please contact the laboratory in the first instance.

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Last updated: 07/08/2015