This CgA assay utilises a competitive method based on polyclonal antibodies raised in rabbits. The antibodies were raised against a purified fragment containing amino acid sequence 116-439 in the CgA molecule
Clinical details: 
Tumours of neuroendocrine origin usually present with increased serum/plasma concentrations of chromogranin A
Reference range: 

The adult normal range is <6.0 nmol/L  

Sample type and Volume required: 
EDTA blood
Turnaround time: 
15 days
Special sample instructions: 

The specimen should be venous blood collected into tubes containing lithium heparin with Trasylol (200 µL per 10 mL). The samples should be cooled on ice and separated by centrifugation at 2-4 oC. Store at -20 oC or lower within three hours of sample collection. A minimum of 50 µL of serum is required for the test

Storage and transport: 
Dry ice
For clinical advice or interpretation of results, please contact the laboratory in the first instance.

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Last updated: 30/07/2018