Liver Cytosol 1 blot (Part of autoimmune liver blot panel)

Anti-liver cytosol 1 (anti-LC 1) is associated with type 2 autoimmune hepatitis (AIH). The molecular target of anti-LC 1 is the enzyme formiminotransferase-cyclodeaminase. This autoantibody may be difficult to detect in conventional indirect immunofluorescence especially in the presence of anti-liver kidney microsomal (LKM) antibody 1, the more commonly seen marker of type 2 AIH. Anti-LC1 may occur in the absence of anti-LKM 1 and if type 2 AIH is suspected anti-LC 1 should be requested.
Reference range: 

Negative / Positive

Negative / Positive / Equivocal
Sample type and Volume required: 
Clotted (Gold top vacutainer)
Turnaround time: 
6 working days
Special sample instructions: 

All tests are compromised by prolonged transit times. For this reason, date of bleed and date of postage must be provided with each request.

Storage and transport: 
Samples may be stored at 4°C prior to despatch. The use of first class letter post without the need for coolant is sufficient.
Time limit for extra tests: 
10 days
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Last updated: 01/03/2019