Jane Eastwood

Senior Clinical Scientist

Jane has been in the role of Senior Clinical Scientist in the Integrated Toxicology laboratory at Viapath, King’s College Hospital since 2018. Her current role is primarily the authorisation and interpretation of results in the section. She has over 25 years’ experience in clinical and forensic toxicology both within the NHS and the private forensic sector. She has a special interest in post-mortem toxicology and has attended Coroner’s, Magistrate’s and Crown Court on many occasions in the capacity of an expert witness, including the Central Criminal Court.

She has lectured at a number of academic institutions over the years, and is currently a visiting lecturer for the Analytical Toxicology MSc and Forensic Science MSc courses at King’s College, London University.


Pregabalin concentrations in post-mortem blood – A two year study. Eastwood JA, Davison E. Forensic Sci Int 2016 Sep; 266:197-201


Significant pregabalin toxicity managed with supportive care alone. Wood DM, Berry DJ, Glover G, Eastwood J, Dargan Pl. J Med Toxicol.2010 Dec; 6 (4): 435-7

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