Dr Kishor Raja MSc PhD

Consultant Scientist

Kishor joined King’s initially as a full-time Clinical Research Scientist, prior to taking the position of Principal Clinical Scientist/Section Lead in the SAS designated Trace Elements (TE) laboratory of the Biochemistry Department.

Following a restructuring exercise, the Trace Elements laboratory was fully integrated with the Toxicology Unit (Drugs of Abuse and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring) at King's in April 2011. Kishor was appointed Service Delivery Manager for the Toxicology Unit and held this role until March 2018. He now provides a Scientific/Advisory Role to the Toxicology Unit and is the Director for the SAS Trace Element Lab.

Recent Publications:


Gadolinium concentrations in blood, serum and urine in individuals not previously exposed to gadolinium based contrast agents. K.Layne, P. Dargan, M Dixon-Zegeye, J Archer, K Raja and D Wood (2019) Clin Toxicol. 57(10), 1041

Establishing reference intervals for Gadolinium concentrations in blood, plasma and urine in individuals not previously to Gadolinium based contrast agents. K. Layne, DM Wood, M Dixon-Zegeye, JRH Archer, K Raja and P Dargan (2020). Invest Radiology.

Contact information

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