Dr Dave BerryPhD, FRCPath, MFSSoc, MRSC

Consultant Clinical Scientist

Dave has been involved with toxicology and the measurement of drugs, alcohol and other poisons including interpretation of results for more than 45 years. For most of this time he worked at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital Medical Toxicology Unit Laboratory (MTL) where in the early days he developed methods to screen for and determine the increasing range of drugs encountered in self-poisoning together with methods for screening urines from drug abuse clinics. He also developed quantitative assays in blood for several groups of therapeutic drugs e.g. anticonvulsants, cardioactives, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and some antibiotics (particularly TB) in order to investigate the role of measurement in therapeutic drug management (TDM). In the early 1970’s, he developed an assay for clozapine; however, his main focus at this time was measurement of drugs used to treat epilepsy.

In 1975 he registered at Surrey University to undertake a collaborative research PhD in his “spare time” and was most fortunate to have Prof. Dennis Parke as his supervisor. His PhD studied the disposition and metabolism of a new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. He was awarded his PhD in 1982 by which time he was responsible for organisation and management of a comprehensive supra-regional anticonvulsant drug (ACD) TDM service. He continued to develop methods for the many new, ACDs that were in the pipeline and also worked closely with pharmaceutical companies and CROs to monitor trials of these ACDs. In addition he worked with diagnostic companies to assist development of immunoassays for newer drugs. By the time he left the MTL it offered assays for TDM of 26 ACDs and relevant metabolites and in addition a very comprehensive Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Service.

He had been promoted to Consultant Biochemist on the grounds of personal excellence in 2003 and in 2008 was awarded FRCPath on the basis of published works. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed papers relating to the toxicology and analysis of drugs. After leaving the MTL he was appointed Honorary Consultant Clinical Scientist at The Epilepsy Society and in January 2018 he accepted the position of part time Consultant Clinical Scientist in Viapath’s Toxicology Laboratory. 


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