Alan Dunlop

Head of Immunophenotyping

Alan began working for Viapath in December 2014 as a Senior Biomedical Scientist before being quickly promoted to his current position as Head of Immunophenotyping in February 2015.

He spent 5 years at the Royal Marsden Hospital/Institute of Cancer Research working in the Immunophenotyping Laboratory, where Alan was responsible for performing and reporting diagnostics and monitoring for a wide range of haematological malignancies and enumeration of stem cells to assist the bone marrow transplant team. During this time he undertook some research in the multiple myeloma targeted therapies team looking at ways to try to improve existing therapies.

Alan also spent 6 years at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) initially working in the immunology laboratory, where he gained experience in the diagnosis of a range of rare immunodeficiencies and monitoring of patients following bone marrow transplants and gene therapy. He gained experience in a number of cellular therapy procedures which complemented my existing knowledge of leukemia and lymphoma diagnosis and monitoring.

Following this, Alan took up a Senior Biomedical Scientist role in the flow cytometry section of the Haematology, Cellular, Molecular Diagnostics Service (HCMDS) where he was responsible for the day to day running of the laboratory. The role involved diagnosing and performing disease monitoring for children suffering from a range of haematological diseases, patient samples received came from patients across the UK and worldwide.

Contact information

0203 299 9000 ext 32414

Last updated: 24/07/2015