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Friday, 14 November, 2014

Yesterday Viapath staff took part in a monumental 100km relay challenge to celebrate World Quality Day, starting from our partner hospital in Bedford, touring our other hospital sites in South London before finishing at our Corporate Office at London Bridge – while raising money for Children in Need.

Quality is at the core of everything we do at Viapath. Each of the five sites at which we operate took part in the relay challenge, with employees from Bedford running the first 5km of the route and teams from Guy’s, St. Thomas’ and King’s College Hospitals as well as one from our Corporate Office, completed the rest of the course by running and cycling.

What has this got to do with quality? Each of the teams transported something precious along the way; passing it on to their teammates in true relay fashion, when all the pieces were brought together we were finally able to unveil the Viapath Quality Pledge for the year ahead.

The quality pledge is a promise, voted on by our people at Viapath, which we will uphold to ensure that quality is at the forefront of our minds in everything we do, whether we be scientists in the labs or office workers.

Keep an eye out on Twitter for pictures and challenge updates!

Thank you to our partners Becton Dickinson and CitySprint for supporting this event.


Dr Jonathon Edgeworth, Medical Director at Viapath, has defined quality as “The right result on the right specimen for the right patient that is accurate, timely and properly interpreted every time, as part of a positive service experience for patients and customers alike”.

We strive to provide the highest quality service we can. This is possible through all of our laboratories either having or working towards being CPA accredited, with all laboratories eventually working towards the stricter ISO compliance.

Quality is also driven by learning. Just as one example, a patient focus group was set up by Viapath at King’s College Hospital to assist with improvements to our phlebotomy services, which have since seen upgrades to the patient environments and a reduction in waiting times.

We are and will continue to drive quality standards in everything we do to achieve our vision; to lead pathology transformation through our network of experts, to provide a better service for clinicians, and better outcomes for patients 24/7.

As voted for by our people, Viapath’s Quality pledge for 2014 is:

“We pledge to continually improve our services by listening to our patients, customers and colleagues and taking positive action as the result of each interaction”

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Dr Jonathon Edgeworth